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DNA Collection & Testing

Embark on a journey of discovery with our comprehensive DNA collection and analysis services. Whether you seek answers for legal matters or personal insights, our expert team provides meticulous DNA testing tailored to your specific needs. From determining paternity to unraveling genetic mysteries, our cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals ensure precise and reliable results. Delve into the depths of your genetic code and unlock valuable insights with our DNA collection and analysis services.

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The Legal test MUST go through the chain of custody process to confirm their validity, As a result the legal DNA test is guaranteed to contain the correct results.  Although Non-Legal testing does not require a chain of custody, this form of testing is also handled with the same care and accuracy. 

  • Child Support

  • Immigration

  • Child custody or visitation

  • Birth certificate issues


Experience the wonder of parenthood with our noninvasive prenatal DNA testing. Conducted on expectant mothers as early as seven weeks into pregnancy, this innovative test provides valuable insights into paternity without the need for invasive procedures. With our advanced technology and expert analysis, you can embark on your journey to parenthood with confidence and clarity.

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Eliminate uncertainty with our home paternity test, designed to offer peace of mind without the need for clinic visits. Conducted in the privacy of your home, this test delivers accurate results, ensuring that there's no room for doubt in matters of paternity.


Delight in the anticipation of parenthood with our Peekaboo Test, offering a glimpse into your baby's gender as early as the seventh week of pregnancy. Through a simple blood sample, we detect the presence or absence of the male Y chromosome, providing you with early insights to cherish and prepare for the arrival of your little one.

Pregnancy Test

Take Note:

Government Issued ID's MUST be presented in order to conduct DNA testing except   for the Home paternity test.  For legal cases:  Whomever is signing consent on behalf of a minor child or legally incompetent adult must also bring a photo ID, print their name, alleged relationship, and date of birth on the consent form (EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT BEING TESTED). This information must become part of the permanent record and included with the Chain of Custody.  

 All tests will be sent out to AABB accredited facilities for testing.


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